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Effective Practices for Description of Science Content within Digital Talking Books
Alternate Approach for Flow Chart

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In this alternate approach the description of the Large Flow Chart explicitly states when the different lines merge.

Large Flow Chart:

The large flow chart has three different starting points, presented here as separate lists with numbered steps. When a step has more than one possible next steps, they are listed beneath it.

Starting point A

  1. Obtain AN12 strain
  2. Prepare genomic DNA
  3. Amplify ORF via PCR
  4. Ligate into pCR2,1-TOPO
  5. Ligate into pJP10
    • Verify and sequence clone
    • Transform into AN12
  6. Transform into AN12
    • Verify and sequence clone
    • Grow with and without IPTG
  7. Grow with and without IPTG
  8. Monitor carotenoid accumulation
Starting point B

  1. Obtain sequence of candidate genes
  2. Design primers to amplify target gene (ORF)
  3. Merges with Starting Point A, line 3: Amplify ORF via PCR
Starting point C

  1. Obtain maxiprep pJP10
  2. Merges with Starting Point A, line 5: Ligate into pJP10

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