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Access to Emergency Alerts for People with Disabilities
Resource Repository

This Access Alerts Resource Repository was established to gather information about user needs, design requirements for accessible communications products and services, usability research, subject-related news articles and conference proceedings.

There are a great number of organizations that are working diligently to track and share information about preparedness for people with disabilities before, during and after natural or man-made emergencies. The Access to Emergency Alerts for People with Disabilities Project seeks not to duplicate those efforts, but to address specifically the communications needs during emergencies between people with sensory disabilities and the agencies, companies and organizations looking to serve this population.

To suggest a relevant resource or link to the Access Alerts Resource Repository, please e-mail WGBH/NCAM at

Project Research and Resources:

Information Requirements for Access to Emergency Alerts

Final Recommendations to Federal, State and Municipal Government, Industry, Emergency Management, the Media and Consumers

Project Framework/Concept Map - An Overview of Project Scope

Consumer focus groups and usability testing
National emergency management survey
Sample Proof-of-Concept Accessible Message

Presentations and Articles by Project Staff

External Resources:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules and Activities

National, State and Community Initiatives

Subject-related Research and News Articles

Alert Services, Products and Devices

Glossary of Acronyms

Related Standards