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DTV Access: A Resource Site for Industry and Consumers

NCAM has been working on a number of fronts regarding the DTV transition which took place place in the United States on June 12, 2009. Captioning and description services are supported in the new DTV format, but problems with proper delivery have been widely reported. We have authored papers on captioning and video description in DTV and provide links to these papers and a number of other resources from the Federal government (FCC and NTIA) and grass-roots efforts on access services and the DTV transition below.

NCAM was instrumental in the establishment of the FCC's Technical Working Group on DTV Closed Captioning and Video Description which first met on May 18, 2009. The Working Group membership includes consumers, TV broadcast and cable networks, consumer and professional equipment manufacturers and captioning and video description suppliers. In late summer of 2009, topic-area sub-groups began meeting to investigate the various reported problems, propose solutions and disseminate results. NCAM Director Larry Goldberg chairs the video description sub-group.

Read the FCC's Public Notice regarding the Working Group.


The Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation supported the development of the following outreach and policy papers about accessibility problems related to the DTV transition.

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