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Speech Solutions for Next-Generation Media Centers
Talking MythTV Keyboard Guide

Talking MythTV Keyboard Guide

Use these keys in Talking MythTV:

  • Arrow keys move the highlight point around
  • Esc to exit out of menus and out of the application
  • Enter to take action on the item under the highlight point (except in program guide)
  • R in "Program Guide" to schedule a program for recording
  • P or Enter to play in "Watch a Recording"
  • D to delete in "Watch a Recording" or "Upcoming Recordings"
  • F11 to hear program name and F12 to hear episode details for the currently selected show on the "Watch a Recording" and "Upcoming Recordings" screens, while watching live or recorded shows, and in the Program Guide
  • F9 to interrupt speech output at any time

While watching TV or a recording:

  • P to pause or play
  • Esc to exit player
  • T toggles captions
  • U to increase the play speed (muted)
  • J to decrease the play speed (muted)
  • A to adjust time stretch (speed up or slow down play speed with audio). Use the arrow keys to make adjustment
  • S to display the Program Guide
  • Left arrow to skip back
  • Right arrow skip ahead
    NOTE: During playback of a recording you can enter a number of minutes to jump before using the Skip key. Otherwise, the configured defaults will be used. Seconds can be entered by entering four digits in the MMss format.
  • Page Up to jump back the configured number of minutes (default is 10)
  • Page Down to jump ahead the configured number of minutes (default is 10)
  • Z or End to skip to next commercial break marker
  • Q or Home to skip back to previous commercial break marker
  • Ctrl+B to jump to the beginning of the recording