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Caption And Description Editing Tool

NCAM is seeking funding to build CADET, caption authoring software which will enable anyone to easily and affordably produce high-quality caption files that are compatible with any media player on any web browser.

The majority of online videos are self-generated, with original content that is not accessible to millions of people who are deaf or hard of hearing because the videos are not captioned. Automated speech-to-text captioning does not provide reliable access. Federal regulations and related litigation will continue to dramatically increase the number of online videos that are required to be captioned, with high-quality captions. This is especially true of online education/ MOOCs. Currently there is no simple, inexpensive caption-editing software for creating post-production online captions.

NCAM’s solution is to create and distribute a high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-use caption editor that will produce caption files that are compatible with all popular web browsers and online media players. NCAM will build on the original success of its now out-of-date caption-editing tool, MAGpie (Media Access Generator), whose thousands of users proved that a simple and affordable tool can increase the number of captioned videos online.

Our experience with MAGpie demonstrated that a free, high-quality tool will find widespread adoption by individuals or institutions, especially in education and government. The range of institutions in need of quality captioning software is evident from the number of requests NCAM receives for information about updates to MAGpie.

Additionally, it has been proven that captions are beneficial in literacy training and reading comprehension. Captions are also helpful for non-native speakers, in situations where the volume cannot be turned on, and as a powerful tool for search. Providing a low-cost, high-quality caption editor will make it easy for all content creators, from education to entertainment, to provide captions on all of their online videos.

Technical Specifications

  • Browser-based UI
  • Import existing projects, files (local only)
  • Import source files (text, timed-text, local only); also transcribe text into editor
  • Simple timing, placement, styling, WYSIWYG UX
  • Review captions within player/app
  • File export – text, text+TC, SAMI, SRT, WebVtt, TTML, TextML, QTtext, SCC, Spruce