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ccMP3Player (AS2) feature list

ccMP3Player New Features


CCforFlash component updated

ccMP3Player has been updated with the current 3.0.1 version of the CCforFlash component.

ccMP3Player color change

The color of the scrub bar and volume control has been changed to #006699 (teal/blue) from the previous #00FF99 (green).

Audio playback is initially paused

When ccMP3Player is loaded, it now defaults to the audio playback paused. In order to have the audio started automatically, the ccAudioAutoStart parameter must be included and set to true.

ccCaptionFilename replaced

The ccCaptionFilename parameter is being phased out. In its place, ccCaptionSource will be used to identify the source of the captions. Its value will be the URI of the external timed-text file. ccCaptionFilename will continue to be recognized until further notice.

New rollup display option

The new 3.0.1 version of the CCforFlash component now allows for captions to be displayed in either pop-on mode (captions overwrite each other) or roll-up mode (captions roll-up a line as new captions are added). With this addition, two parameters have been added to the ccMP3Player to make use of this setting:

  • ccDisplayRollup – true, captions are displayed in roll-up mode; false, captions are displayed in pop-on mode
  • ccDisplayLines – number of lines of captions to display when in roll-up mode (not used for pop-on display mode)
These parameters are optional. If the ccDisplayRollup parameter is not included, ccPlayer displays pop-on captions.

Additional accessibility feature

JAWS 9 users will notice that the level of the volume is now spoken when changes to the volume are made with the virtual pc cursor turned off.

Bug Fix – text appearing in Times New Roman

The latest release of the Flash Player plug-in (version 9,0,115,0) in Mac Web browsers displays some text, including ccMP3Player's captions, in Times New Roman. The new version of CCforFlash (3.0.1) provides the repair for the caption text (see above) and this update repairs the text which appears throughout the player's controls.


CCforFlash component updated

ccMP3Player has been updated with the current 2.0.2 version of the CCforFlash component.


With the release of the CC for Flash component v2.0.1, authors now have the ability to provide captions for additional audio objects, such as sound clips. Along with the ccPlayer Flash video player, NCAM now provides a second player – ccMP3Player – which allows for playback of MP3 audio files with their corresponding caption files.

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