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ccPlayer Flashvars Parameters

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When the ccPlayer SWF is embedded on an HTML page, there are a number of parameters that can be used to set options in the player. These parameters are passed into ccPlayer using flashvars. The only ccPlayer parameter that is required is ccMediaName, which is used to identify the media that will be played in player. Other options can include identifying the caption file to be played with the media, setting the height and width of the media playback area, and using customized controls.

Current Flashvars Parameters

  • ccMediaName (required)
    This identifies the url of the media file to play. The following file types can be played in the player:
    • flv - Flash video
    • mp3 - audio
    • mp4, m4v - H264 / mpeg4 video
  • ccMediaStream (optional, no default)
    Used to identify the media server when the media is being streamed.
  • ccMediaAutoStart (optional, defaults to false)
    Used to signify whether the media autostarts when loaded (true) or pauses (false) and waits to be started. Note: when the media is not set to autostart, the media is not loaded until the user starts the initial playback.
  • ccMediaBufferTime (optional, defaults to .1 second)
    The number of seconds to buffer the media file in memory before beginning playback.
  • ccMediaHeight (optional, default is 360 pixels)
    Identifies the height of the media area, not including the controls and captions. ccPlayer uses this value to set its dynamic height prior to the media being loaded. The height of ccPlayer can be as large or as small as needed.
  • ccMediaWidth (optional, default is 480 pixels)
    Identifies the width of the media area prior to launching the media. If this value is smaller than the width of the controls, ccPlayer will default to the control's width. If the media width is larger than the controls, the controls will be horizontally centered under the media area and the background of the controls will expand to the player's edges.
  • ccScaleVideo (optional, default is false)
    Identifies whether the video should be scaled to fit the dimensions of the values given in the ccMediaWidth and ccMediaHeight parameters. When the value of this parameter is true and the video size is different than what was specified in the above parameters, the video will either shrink or expand to fit the area, maintaining the aspect ratio of the video. If the value is set to false and the video size is different, there are two possibilities:
    • video size is smaller – the video will be centered horizontally and vertically in the media area
    • video size is larger (this could produce an undesirable effect) – the video will appear top and left justified and, depending on how much larger it is, may expand past ccPlayer's control bar and right edge
  • ccMediaRewind (optional, defaults to false)
    Once the media playback is complete, ccPlayer checks this parameter to see whether it should rewind to the beginning of the media (true) or just stop (false).
  • ccCaptSourceType (optional, defaults to 'external')
    This is used to identify the type of source containing the caption information. The following values are valid:
    • external – external timed-text file
    • embedded – embedded in video
  • ccCaptionSource (optional)
    This is used to provide the url for a DFXP or QTtext caption file. If the ccCaptSourceType is "embedded", this parameter is not used.
  • ccCaptionLanguage (optional)
    Used to identify which language <div> to select in a DFXP file. (Ignored for QTtext.) Must match the value defined in the xml:lang attribute of the <div>. This feature only used by ccPlayer and is not supported in the DFXP specifications or other players implementing DFXP recognition.
  • ccCaptionAutoHide (optional, defaults to false)
    This signifies whether captions are initially displayed (false) or hidden (true).
  • ccOverrideFileStyle (optional, defaults to false)
    This signifies whether to use the default caption style settings of ccPlayer (true) or the global style settings that may be included in the external caption files (false).
  • ccDisplayRollup (optional, defaults to false)
    Used to signify whether the captions should be displayed in roll-up mode (true) or pop-on mode (false).
  • ccDisplayLines (optional, defaults to 2 lines)
    If the ccDisplayRollup is set to 'true', this signifies how many lines of captions should appear within the caption display area.
  • ccPosterImage (optional)
    When ccPlayer is not set to autostart, a poster image can be displayed prior to the media starting. Ideally, the dimensions of the poster image should match the specified height and width of the media area. This parameter is used to indicate the url of the external image to use. If this parameter is not included, ccPlayer's tinted poster overlay appears over a black background.
  • ccPlayerControls (optional)
    Used to identify the url of the external swf which contains the customized controls. For more information on customized controls, read Customizing ccPlayer. If ccPlayer should play without any controls, set this parameter to 'nocontrols' and ccMediaAutoStart to 'true'. At this time, if ccMediaAutoStart is not set to 'true', an error will occur.
  • ccBaseColor (optional, default is #006699)
    Format is #rrggbb, e.g. #ff0000. Used to indicate the color used in the following areas:
    • background color of the sliding windows for the instructions, search, and language areas
    • background color of tool tips for the buttons used to trigger the instructions, search and language areas (default controls only)
    • the fill color of the area in the progress bar which denotes the percent of the media loaded (default controls only)
  • ccMediaBackgroundColor (optional, defaults to #ffffff)
    Format is #rrggbb, e.g. #ff0000. Used to change the color of the background in the media area.
  • ccControlBackgroundColor (optional, defaults to the color of the controlBGMC object in the controls movieclip).
    Format is #rrggbb, e.g. #ff0000. Used to change the color of the background in the controls.
  • ccCaptBackgroundColor (optional, defaults to #000000)
    Format is #rrggbb, e.g. #ff0000. Used to change the color of the background in the caption area.
  • ccCaptAreaPadding (optional)
    Used to provide the means of adjusting the padding on the left and right side of the caption area.
  • ccTimeDisplayFormat (optional, defaults to hh:mm:ss)
    Used to set the format of the time displays. Possible values are hh:mm:ss, h:mm:ss, mm:ss, m:ss, and :ss.
  • ccTimeNoLeadingZeros (optional, defaults to false)
    If 'true', suppresses the display of any leading zeros in the time areas.
    * This parameter needs to be set prior to setting external controls.
  • ccBlockControls (optional, defaults to false)
    Indicates whether the controls should be blocked (true) while the media is playing or not (false). When controls are blocked, certain controls which advance or rewind the media are not functional.
  • ccAudioImage (optional)
    When a MP3 audio file is being played, ccPlayer can display an external image in the media area. This is used to identify the url of the external image.
  • ccAnimFrameRate (optional)
    Used when ccPlayer is playing back a loaded animated swf, to set the playback speed in frames per second (fps).
  • ccPolicyFile (optional, defaults to false)
    This is used when the mp3 audio file is located on a separate server as the ccPlayer swf. When set to 'true', ccPlayer looks for a policy file on the server prior to loading the audio file.
  • ccAllowDomain (optional)
    This parameter identifies the domain where a swf containing external controls is located, if it is different than the one hosting the ccPlayer swf.
  • ccJSConnect (optional, defaults to false)
    This parameter is used to open ccPlayer's methods for access by Javascript (true).
  • ccExitFS (optional, defaults to false)
    Indicates what ccPlayer should do when the end of the media is reached while being viewed in fullscreen. When set to 'true', ccPlayer returns to normal view when the end of the media is reached.

Legacy Parameters

These parameters were used in previous versions of ccPlayer and can still be used with the current version:

  • ccVideoName
  • ccVideoAutoStart
  • ccVideoBufferTime
  • ccVideoHeight
  • ccVideoWidth
  • ccVideoRewind
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Last updated: February 28, 2012