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MAGpie2 Determining Dimensions


Determining Media Dimensions from a Media Player

If the dimensions of the media being captioned or described are not known, these values can be obtained by opening the media in one of the major media players:

  • QuickTime: Open the Movie menu and select Get Movie Properties. Select Size from the second drop-down list control and read the value that appears below the control.
  • RealPlayer/RealOne: Real doesn't provide an easy way to determine the size of the video.
  • Windows Media: The Windows version of Windows Media Player displays the video dimensions when Properties is selected from the File menu.
  • Macromedia Flash: The dimensions of a Flash movie are set in the Flash authoring tool and can be accessed there.

Determining Media Dimensions without a Media Player

If the dimensions can not be determined from a media player, other possible strategies include:

  • Insert the media into a Web page using a Web development tool such as BBEdit, Dreamweaver, or others. The <object> tag inserted should include the dimensions of the video.
  • Guessing – keep adjusting the values in MAGpie's properties dialog until the movie looks right in the media player window in MAGpie.

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