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MAGpie2 DFXP Notes


DFXP Output From MAGpie

The DFXP format from W3C represents a comprehensive effort to provide a standard timed-text format, suitable not only for captions, but also for subtitles and other text-display needs. MAGpie's implementation of DFXP output has a few items worth noting:

  1. Inline background color settings (those done inside a caption cell) are typically ignored. This is due to current limitations in the Flash html-text field, which cannot change background color in a style <span>.
  2. #1 above notwithstanding, if an entire caption is styled inline with a background different from the default, MAGpie will set the entire caption background at the <p> level. NCAM's ccPlayer will then use that setting to set the entire background region's color. This is the best that can be done for background color currently in Flash. Adobe knows about this issue.

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