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Tools & Guidelines
MAGpie2 Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcuts to common tasks in MAGpie 2

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+N Create new project
Ctrl+O Open existing project
Ctrl+S Save project
Ctrl+Q Quit MAGpie
Ctrl+J Inserts a musical note (♪) at the current cursor position
Return + Return Inserts new caption or audio description row below current row
F1 Help
F6 Play or pause media player
F7 Stop media player (returns slider to time=0)
F9 set caption or audio description start time from media player timeline
F10 Set caption or audio description end time from media player timeline
Return (when focus is in the grid) Enter caption or audio description editing mode
Shift + Return Exit caption or audio description editing mode (green focus rectangle will be replaced by white focus rectangle)
Arrow keys (when focus is in the grid and editing mode is off) Moves focus from cell to cell.
Space bar Select option or button.
Escape Close dialog or menu.


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