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MAGpie2 Revision History


2.5.1 release
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 05.04.2010 Windows Export DFXP timecodes as hh:mm:ss.ff (e.g., 01:02:03.04) Released

2.5.0 release
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 03.22.2010 Windows Generate TTXT files Released
2 03.22.2020 Windows Automatically integrate TTXT file as closed captions into copy of MP4 or 3GP source file. Released

2.0.2 release
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 03.06.2007 All Import of DFXP files not yet implemented. Pending.
2 03.06.2007 OS X On some Intel-based Macs, MAGpie doesn't successfully launch the correct version of the Java runtime. This can be verified by watching the Console (Mac utility) and noting a crash with Major.minor version problems. Pending.

2.01 beta 07
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 10.01.2002 All Text color and background settings that are selected in the properties dialog are not sticking. Fixed.
2 10.01.2002 All Output issue when captions are narrower than video. Fixed.
3 10.01.2002 All Adjustment to SAMI caption area borders. Fixed.
4 10.01.2002 All Issue exporting multiple caption tracks, all textstreams should have system-captions="on". Fixed.

2.01 beta 05
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 06.03.2002 All MAGpie overwrites existing tracks. Added a check to prevent creating a track with the same name and locale as an existing track.
2 06.03.2002 All Locale list loading incompletely. If the user presses OK.before the locale list is done loading, the current default locale is used.
3 06.03.2002 All QuickTime Player handles text-background colors incorrectly. Text-background color disabled in the QuickTime exporter.
4 06.03.2002 All Export of caption tracks needs to be re-ordered. The first caption track is treated as the default caption track. This track is not qualified by a system-language text attribute.
5 06.03.2002 All Need larger space between speaker and caption regions. Changed the space between the caption and speaker areas to be 14pt.
6 06.03.2002 All SAMI export handles text-background color incorrectly. Text-background color in SAMI now uses the 'span' tag.
7 06.03.2002 All Words run together in SAMI exports. Fixed.
8 06.03.2002 All Speaker ID is carried forward from previous caption when no new speaker is specified. Speaker IDs no longer carry forward.
9 06.03.2002 All MAGpie complains when no width x height information is present in the properties dialog. When no width x height information is present, MAGpie uses defaults to 320 x 240.
10 06.03.2002 All "background" instead of "background-color" is inserted during SAMI export. SAMI export now uses "background-color".
11 06.03.2002 All <switch> is exported even when multiple tracks are not present. <switch> no longer exports unless multiple tracks are present.
12 06.03.2002 All Using bold, italic and underline styles results in no RealText captions being exported. Bold, italic and underline styles no longer interfere with RealText caption exports.

2.01 beta 02
Number Date Affected OSes Issue Action Taken
1 05.06.2002 OS X Upon launch, either no file menu or no application window appears. Resolved. This issue was caused by a faulty installer.
2 05.08.2002 Windows XP When starting a captioning project using the GRiNS player in MAGpie, an error is invoked that indicates that the file named jawt.dll can not be found. Active. A temporary fix that some users have found successful is to copy the jawt.dll file to the windows/system32/ directory.
3 05.14.2002 Windows ME Unable to open RealMedia files with GRiNS player in MAGpie. Active.
4 05.14.2002 All MAGpie is very slow when opening .wmv files. MAGpie does not currently support Windows Media file types, unless the file type can be opened in either QuickTime or RealPlayer.
5 05.14.2002 All Upon launch of MAGpie, no splash screen or application window appears, only the console window, which fills with error messages. If the system has QuickTime installed, but not QTJava, this behavior will be exhibited. Use the QuickTime updater application to update QT, choosing 'custom' and select all options. MAGpie should function as expected after the update.
6 05.14.2002 All Demo files do not play as expected. Long filenames in the demonstration folder were truncated by the compression software. The files names indicated for the caption and media files in the QT and Real SMIL files are correct -- renaming the files to match the SMIL file references will correct the problem, as will downloading a corrected demo zip file from NCAM.
7 05.14.2002 All When exporting a project with captions and audio descriptions for the RealPlayer, the audio descriptions do not play. Due to an error in the RealPlayer, the audio descriptions are ignored unless they precede the reference to the caption file. Modification of the MAGpie output is planned.
8 05.14.2002 Windows The GRiNS player in MAGpie doesn't work. A common problem occurs when the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is installed. The install process for GRiNS may install files in the incorrect directory. See the documentation for instructions on the correct installation of GRiNS.
9 05.14.2002 All The captions menu contains an item that reads, "Insert captions from from file" rather than "Insert captions from file". Active.
10 05.14.2002 All Unable to caption MPEG files in QuickTime. MPEG support in QuickTime needs to be added using the QuickTime updater application.
11 05.14.2002 All No grid appears after selecting a media file and creating a new track. Active. The error occurs when OK on the new track dialog is clicked before the language choices in the combo box completely load. Until this is corrected, make sure that the language choices load before clicking OK.


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