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MAGpie2 Sample Project


A demonstration project is available for download at: When unzipped, the mag2demo directory is created, containing audio and video files, output caption and smil files, and the .magpie project file. To view the project, open the .magpie file from within the MAGpie application.

Contents of
File nameDescription
Magpie2_demo.en_US.qt.txtQuickTime caption data file, referenced by quicktime_demo.sml
Magpie2_demo.en_US.real.rtRealPlayer caption data file, referenced by realplayer_demo.real.smil
Magpie2_demo.magpieMAGpie 2 project file
Quicktime_demo.smlQuickTime SMIL file. Open in QuickTime to view.
Realplayer_demo.real.smilRealPlayer SMIL file. Open in RealPlayer to view.
Spacetime.aviVideo file used in all three players. Open this file in Windows Media Player to view captions for Windows Media.
Spacetime.smiWindows Media SAMI file containing caption data.
Sphere.wavFirst of two recorded audio description files.
Transfrm.wavSecond of two recorded audio description files.


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