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MAGpie2 Supported File Formats


Supported File Formats

MAGpie can caption a wide variety of media types. QuickTime and GRiNS are the media players used by MAGpie to play the media while it is being captioned. Please note that MAGpie 2.5.0 removes support for the GRiNS player.

Table of common file types and which media toolkit to use for MAGpie playback.
File type QuickTime Player GRiNS Player
.rm / .raNoYes
.mpg / .mpegYesYes
.smil / .smlYesYes
.wmvYes (on Mac with Flip4Mac)Yes, if RealOne premium is installed
.asfNoYes, if RealOne premium is installed

Further information about file types used by each media player can be found online:


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