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About the Rear Window® Captioning System and DVS Theatrical®

Rear-Window Captioning System: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Movie-goers

I am a 29-years-old Deaf male. I've loved movies ever since first seeing "Star Wars" at the drive-in, when I was a lil' 4-year-old. However, "Star Wars" at the drive-in was purely an aesthetic experience for myself and my Deaf family. We could enjoy the space adventure without benefit of the plot or dialogue.
Now, with the rear-window captioning, it is still awe-inspiring to just go to the nearest movie theather (San Francisco's Loews Metreon), and DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF RELEASE, grab a rear-window mirror, and plop down with family and friends... and just enjoy the movie in its' fullest.
We went to "Minority Report" on its' first DAY of release, and it was a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening. We also went to see another movies in their first week of release, namely "Spider-Man" and "Star Wars II".
I am so thankful towards your organization AND to SF's Loews Metreon for all this!!! Maybe this is just another aspect of your business, but really- it is very important to me as a Deaf person to enjoy first-run movies with equal access. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
D.E., San Francisco, CA

Please pass on my extreme gratitude to the theatre companies for finally including our whole family at the movies! Our son is entering the "dating" age and now has a fun and safe, not to mention popular, outing available to him. As an added bonus, by providing RWC, our local theatre has made about $500 more than the previous years {from our family}: it makes cents to provide RWC. Don't forget if one person in the family is deaf, none will go to the movies.
B.R. (via e-mail)

I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is that our 13 year old son is able to see movies at the same time as his friends. While he has always had the option of seeing movies with captions on dvd or vhs, these always come out months or years after his friends have seen them. Young people with hearing losses have enough problems communicating with their peers without being left out of conversations about current movies. It is great for him to see them at the same time as his friends so he can feel a part of what is going on with his friends. Seeing a movie may not seem like a big deal to those who can do so whenever they want, but movies are an important part of teen culture and a vital part of my son's connection to others. Thank you so much for the investment in rear window captioning and for the experience you make possible for my son and others like him.
D.T. (via e-mail)

I am a deafness guidance counselor in the schools in NYC and must applaud you for opening up films to Deaf and blind theatre-goers! Put me on your list for disseminating information.
D.S.H., New York City

It has been over 5 years since I experienced a significant hearing loss, which requires me to wear hearing aids in both ears. Since then, I have been to only a handful of movies, but I was disappointed in the assistive listening devices at most theaters, because the background noise in most movies makes it difficult to hear the dialogue. The inability to go to movies has been one of the hardest parts of dealing with my hearing loss and I cannot begin to tell you what a difference RWC makes in my life.
N.C., West Hollywood, CA

K.S., Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for the information, my 11 year old son is hearing impaired and without the captioning gets very limited enjoyment from the movies. With the captioning it is a whole new and much more enjoyable experience for him.
J.G. (via e-mail)

Last week my friend and I went to see Murder By Numbers at Pacific Place in Seattle. It was the first time in the year that I've known her that I didn't have to sign translations for a movie as it was happening. Thank you for pioneering and encouraging this technology!
K.K., Seattle, WA

My 12 year old daughter, who is deaf, and I have enjoyed being able to go to the theater to see movies rather than having to wait for the home video to access the closed captioning. Thanks to all at WGBH who have made this possible! Now that this wonderful service has been offered, I would hate to have to have to go back to my daughter being excluded from the fun afforded the hearing community in going to the movies with friends to enjoy a fun film.
K.C., Massachusetts

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that our family has enjoyed going to the movies together. (First time since my older son became deaf 5 yrs ago.) We all saw the movie Harry Potter, the first weekend it opened. We had to drive an hour to get there, but it was worth it. I would hope that we'd have a more convenient location, but this is a beginning. We went to the Owings Mills Cinema with rear view captioning. Thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy a movie as a family.
Mother of two boys, (hard of hearing and deaf)

I saw "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone" last night at the General Cinema Yorktown in Lombard, IL and the captioning was EXCELLENT. I am a late deafened adult, cochlear implant user and an educational audiologist (work with deaf/hard of hearing children in the school system). The captioning was accurate and very much appreciated. I am so thankful to be able to enjoy movies again in the theaters. I would (and have) recommended the trip up to Chicago to see films using this technology. What does it take to get Rear Window technology into a particular theater? How much does it cost? Do you start with petitioning the owner's of the theater complex? Please keep up the wonderful work. Thank you very much.
T.C., Champaign, IL

I saw Monsters Inc. at General Cinemas in Clifton NJ and I LOVED IT!! Was able to see a movie with my 4 children for the first time even (and enjoy it that is!!) I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Harry Pottter with RWC at this theater!! Thanks :)
(via e-mail)

I am so happy I went to your talk at the SHHH meeting in New Jersey this year. I never had heard about RWC before. I had stopped going to the movies, especially to animated ones with my children. I was too frustrated not knowing what was happening. I sent my husband with the kids to see Shrek. I was shocked when I logged on to your website to find out that my closest local theater had RWC and had it for Shrek when the rest of my family went to see it!
(via e-mail)

I love RWC, and feel lucky to have it locally. I have asked the manager to alert the public to the fact that they have RWC, explain what it is and prolong the run of captioned films so more people can enjoy them. RWC is a horrible resource to waste! I wish more theaters had RWC and the descriptions, and that more films were available for viewing. Thanks to you for your services, and to the theaters and film studios for making these services available!
N.R., Owings Mills, MD

Just wanted to mention that I went to see Shrek at the Clifton Commons movies complex this weekend - with the rear window captions. My recommendation is GO see this movie - And even if you have normal hearing, get a caption panel. The dialogue is very fast, and you'll laugh even more with the visual assist.
A.R., New Jersey

Splendid experience - Finally I can enjoy a movie at the theatre. I pray this becomes commonplace sometime soon. This is a big step for equal access.
T.G., Washington, DC

J.E., New Jersey

My husband and I had the pleasure of taking our children to see Pearl Harbor last weekend at Springfield Mall in Virginia. The movie had rear view captioning and it was just wonderful going to a movie theater with my hearing children and watching a movie with them. I didn't have to say to them "Oh, I wouldn't understand anything, please find a friend to go with". I want to do more of these outings with my children so please include me on your email list for the closed captioned movies that will be shown in the Metro Washington area (Maryland, Washington, D.C. & Virginia). Thank you!
T.R., Maryland

You are to be congratulated on offering a closed captioning service for the hearing impaired. Because of my hearing impairment I have not been able to go to a movie for years. I found the system easy to use and I think accommodated to it easily. Adjusting the reflector was minimal fuss. Additionally, I noted the presence of the lighted captions behind did not appear to bother the hearing people any. Thank you. I profoundly hope others will follow your lead.
H.F., Torrance, CA

Recently, I was forced to drive about 80 miles from Baton Rouge to the New Orleans area to watch a captioned movie at the theatre that providing a rear window captioning device. It was "Pearl Harbor". I enjoyed everything. I would like to have some rear window captioned movie at any theatre in Baton Rouge area. There are about five thousand deaf and hard of hearing people residing in the Great Baton Rouge Area. Of course, Louisiana School for the Deaf (LSD) is located in that city. Would you please help contacting all theatre owners about rear window captioned equipments. Thanks.
C.V., Baton Rouge, LA

Last week I saw The Patriot at a General Cinema theatre which provided the Rear Window closed captioning system. It was superb, and is the first movie I've fully understood in over 30 years. I urge anyone who is interested to write letters and contact their local movie theatre chains to provide access to this wonderful system to all hearing impaired viewers.
J.M. (posted on a consumer listserv)

"I want to share an experience my 20-year-old daughter had this spring. Stephanie went to the movies and saw Star Wars. This is not a front-page story except for her. She told me that she cried at the movies… and when I questioned why, she responded, 'Because this was the first time in my life I could watch a movie in the theatre like everyone who isn't deaf."
(via e-mail)

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I've tried rear-window captioning and liked it. My husband and I remarked that it would open up new 'dating' opportunities for us as we would be able to go to more movies now. Please work toward making this technology more available at more theaters around the country and in developing the captioning for more movies. As an example, there is a new movie theater near us in Columbia, Maryland that opened up in the past year. They have new infrared headphones and staff that understand how they work. But not everyone can benefit from this technology. Just having an ALD does not make movies accessible to everyone – deaf people need captions.
S.B., Jessup, MD

"Wow, wow! Loved the technology used. Please push for its use in other movies and theaters!"
D.B., Northridge, CA

"Thank you for making Rear Window Captioning possible in Seattle! The response has been great!"
- Caption Seattle

"This technology is long overdue and we are thrilled and appreciate it so much for our daughter to be given the opportunity to go to a film and enjoy it and understand it just like a hearing person! Thank you! Now she will be able to see movies with her friends. We hope to see more of this device!"
R.D., La Canada, CA

"This is a wonderful idea! Long overdue. Being able to see newly released movies with captions is awesome."
A.H., Woodland Hills, CA

"We've always had to wait two or three months before we could see a captioned version of a movie on videotape. But today, being up front with everybody else, I'm finally no different! It's a wonderful feeling."
C.M., Sherman Oaks, CA

"It was my first time using Rear Window. I loved it. It my first time attended a movie since I was young. I want you to share with all movie theaters. Please spread all over America."
A.S., West Hollywood, CA

"That's what I have been waiting for! At last, I'm rooting for this state-of-art idea!! Keep it up!"
R.M. Riverside, CA

"I love it and want it more, everywhere, every time, and every day!"
K.T., West Hollywood, CA

"It's great. I had a great time. And hopefully the Rear Windows can be available at many other theaters as well so we can go out and watch movies more often!"
L.N., Westlake Village, CA

"The entire run of the film had captioning available. This is flexible in that we can choose the most convenient time to see the movie. I am looking forward to more movies and locations to choose from in the future. Rear Window Captioning works."
C.R. (via e-mail)

Just today I came across your web page describing this great idea called Rear Window Captioning. I am so happy to find out that there is a theater close to where I live that my friends will be able to go and see newly released movies. I, myself, am not deaf, but my best friend has been for 19 years. When I saw how upset she was about having to wait to see Star Wars, I vowed to find a way. It is very hard to express my gratitude through an e-mail, but for what it is worth, thank you very much for making my friend's day!! Oh, and another you have stock? Thanks Again!
J.P. (via e-mail)

"We are happy to see Rear Window Captioning coming to the East Coast"
D.B. (via e-mail)

"I took my son and his friend to see Star Wars. They were thrilled!! Everything worked great, they had a wonderful time, and the staff of the theater couldn't have been more helpful. It was the first movie experience for them that they really enjoyed and so was worth the 1 hour and 40 minute drive to Clifton!"
G.S., New Jersey

"My family had the pleasure of seeing and enjoying Star Wars all together at the same time. They got to see the movie without our having to interpret or explain what was going on because the Rear Window Captioning feature allowed my children to laugh at the same joke we were laughing at…. It is a very innovative feature and PDA should be spreading the news and sending in thank you letters!"
The Rowleys, New Jersey

"i liked that caption thing….it was god and i understood the whole movie. i am 14/f yrs. old and >>>KEEP IT UP.<<<"
(via e-mail)

"I am a hearing impaired person who experienced a miracle. I sat in a movie theater and enjoyed a movie just like all the millions of people who can do this any time they wish. But for me it was a first and only because of the equipment at the General Cinema Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA and the captioning provided by WGBH. Please do all you can do to see that this marvel continues and that I can look forward to repeating the pleasure of 'going to the movies'"
S.S., Los Angeles, CA

"Rear Window captioning makes my Christmas night even more merrier than ever! I think it’s a brilliant idea to make this happen for people who need [captions] to understand and enjoy the movie."
A.N., Valley Village, CA

"It's great. I had a great time. And hopefully the Rear Windows can be available at many other theaters as well so we can go out and watch movies more often!"
L.N., Westlake Village, CA

"Very excited about this new system. Can adjust [captions] below the screen. Better than open captions."
S.W., Redondo Beach, CA

DVS Theatrical System: Blind and Low Vision Movie-goers

I would like to thank you for your generosity in putting the audio description in the theaters. This will enable the blind community to come out and enjoy themselves. Now people wont have to just sit home and watch the movies in descriptive video. This is all because of someone like you who thought of how we are just normal people, with just a little more accommodation needs. Thank you again you have maid a difference.
S.B., student, Watertown, MA

I would like to thank you for your help and everything that you have done, for getting descriptive movies, and your assistance in having the local theaters show them.
This is a great thing that has started and I hope that other theaters expand there services by adding discriptive movies to there theters. By having theaters show descriptive movies it lets blind and visually impaired people go out and enjoy the public theters so they can see movies like regular people with out missing segments because of the quiet visual parts.
B.O., student, Watertown, MA

I live in the Chicago area and go to the AMC Yorktown in Lombard. Last Friday my husband and I went to see Attack of the Clones using the DVS headphones. I am visually impaired and really appreciated the dvs. I have seen all the other Star Wars movies, and didn't want to miss this one. I got so much out of the movie by listening to the description. Thank you so much for notifying us about the movies and encouraging the producers to provide the description. It was a wonderful experience.
G.C., Illinois

Hear Here! WGBH has given the blind one of the greatest things we have had since computer speech. We can now go to a movie and know what's going on. We don't have to turn to our sighted friends and keep asking them, "What's happening?"
Jim, via an e-mail listserv

For the second Thursday in a row I took in a described movie at the Loews theatre at the Metreon entertainment complex in San Francisco. Last week it was Spider-Man. Today, I was on hand for the 10:00 AM showing of Star Wars Episode 2: The Attack of the Clones. Both movies amply demonstrate the value of audio description. They are full of action which doesn't come close to being conveyed through the standard dialogue and sound effects.
F.W., San Mateo, CA

I love your service. I am blind and my wife and two children are sighted. Thank you!
D.D., Clifton, NJ

I can't say how much it means to me and to my friends that this now exists in our lives!!!! Thank you so very much and for those who let their movies be described.
V.V., Watertown, MA

I am a Peer Support Coordinator for individuals that are blind or have low vision. I run seven groups in the Orlando area. Our groups are very interested in advocating for a descriptive theater in our area. Do you need volunteers to help in this area?
D.T., Orlando, FL

Twenty years and one month ago Margaret and I began the first-ever regularly scheduled audio description service — G.B. Shaw's Major Barbara at Arena Stage here in Washington. A few days ago we drove 42 miles up to Owings Mills, Maryland, checked out earphones in the General Cinema Theaters lobby, and were absolutely thrilled to enjoy the wonderful description of the Harry Potter movie. In a MOVIE theater!! We will forever be grateful that WGBH applied its expertise to audio description. Please convey our happy congratulations to EVERYbody concerned with making this accessibility (and our dreams) come true — the writers, editors, voicer, engineers, everybody concerned with bringing MoPix to life, the General Cinema folks, Warner Brothers∑ Wow!
Cody Pfanstiehl, Silver Spring, MD

Perkins Outreach had a weekend for students with Albinism earlier this month. They went to the Boston Fenway Theater to see Harry Potter with audio description. As a whole the group had fairly good vision however not enough to follow a movie in a dark theater very well. They used the headsets and loved getting all the details they would have missed. One student had already seen the movie (without DVS) 2 or 3 times and was amazed how much better it was with DVS. Thank you for all you do to support the release of movies with description at the same time as without! Happy New Year!
B.C., Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA

Hello there! I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for all of your hard work in coordinating movie titles and show times then sending the information to us. My husband, Joe and I have 7 year old twins. Our son, Josh is totally blind. We have been to the movies before with him but he has been completely bored and so he really hasn't seen much at the theaters. That is until we traveled to Framingham, MA to see Monsters, Inc using the DVS feature. He enjoyed the movie so much and it was truly a joy to see him so happy and having all of us there together. Since that movie we have been back to Framingham to see Harry Potter and while it was a bit long for him he still enjoyed it. We hope that more movies are made available using the DVS feature. We believe it is wonderful tool for the visually impaired and their families. I know that we would travel the 40 miles to see another movie in a heartbeat. Thanks Again!
K.B., Massachusetts

Just a short note to tell you of my first encounter with descriptive video up here in Toronto, Canada. I enjoyed the opportunity to see the Philosopher's Stone at the Eglinton theatre last week and found the experience quite a bit different from a description given after the movie. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.
N.R., Toronto, Ontario

We saw Harry Potter on Friday night. I enjoyed it very much Also my husband. The DVS is done very well!!! Anything with DVS interest me. I can't wait until the next movie with DVS comes out in Toronto.
D.B., Toronto, Ontario

We drove 2 hours to see Harry Potter in DVS. My 10-year old daughter who is blind said it was a thousand times better than without DVS. It was totally worth the drive! Just wished a theatre closer to us would offer this service.
Lori in Las Vegas

I'm writing to let you know how much my son, Andrew 10 years old severely visual impaired, enjoys his first DVS movie in a theatre (General Cinema, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania). I wore the headphone for more than half of the time myself. It is an excellent job. I enjoy seeing all the facial expression on my son's face, knowing that they would be not be there without DVS. Thanks a lot.
J.W., Philadelphia, PA

I saw Harry Potter in L.A. I loved it! I think it is essential that more theaters and studios use this fabulous opportunity for those of us who are blind and visually-impaired to view movies such as this. I have bid an avid fan of going to the movie theater all of my life, and did so a great deal when I lived in L.A. and the opportunity came along for me to see movies that were DVSed I can't wait to get the opportunity to see more when DVS comes to the Bay Area, where I currently live.
T. A., San Francisco, CA

We are thrilled that you are now offering descriptive movies. My son is only 5yrs old, but loves movies. It's so much work trying to explain what's going on, and watch it yourself! It will give him a feeling of independance. (doesn't to take is mom along to help him know what's going on) Thanks a lot.
M.K., San Francisco

Thank you for sending me info about closed captioned and audio described movies. I noticed that there are a few, and only a few, new theaters now showing this type of movies. What can I do to get the ball rolling in my own city/community? I am a blind person and love going to movies and dream about how wonderful it must be to sit and listen to a audio described version while not bothering anyone around me with a friend whispering to me what is happening on the screen. I thank you also, for the continued efforts of you and people like you to keep the pressure on to have more theaters offer this service. And, for keeping the pressure on movie studios for offering to making this happen too! I applaud you for your work.
K.R., Minneapolis, MN

Hi. I just wanted to let you know how much audio description means to me. I am sighted but many of my friends are visually impaired. When I go to a movie, I usually go with no more than two blind friends and we sit in the second row. That is when I describe the movie to them. Luckily, nobody behind us has objected but I get pretty tired by the end of the movie--especially when the movie is really loud and hard for both friends to hear me trying to tell them what is going on. Yesterday I drove six people to the Framingham 16 (Massachusetts) General Cinema to see Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I was the only sighted person. I took a headset also so I could hear what my friends were hearing. Thanks to audio description, I was able to go to the movies with a crowd instead of one or two people. I could relax and enjoy the movie and so could my friends. I also found that listening myself to the audio description helped me figure out some things I might have missed without the description. After the movie, we all went out to dinner. A normal, fun evening out enjoyed by us all. We greatly enjoyed the film together and it was so wonderful!!! God bless audio description. I can't say enough about how wonderful it is and how much more normal it makes going to the movies for a blind person and even the sighted companion.
V.V., Watertown, MA

I just want you to know that I appreciate your reports on movies with descriptions. I am owner of an email list for over 430 visually impaired people, and I always pass this information along to them. Your service is greatly appreciated :)
Dan Roberts, Director
Macular Degeneration Support

I just wanted to give a GREAT BIG THANKS to whoever thought of starting DVS! Since we found out about the DVS at the movie theatres, I have enjoyed going to the movies SO MUCH with my husband! Before, I would need to talk during a film, disturb other theatre patrons, and still feel frustrated that he wasn't getting as much as he could out of my inadequate description.
Do you have any idea how much it meant the first time we saw a movie and he laughed at the same time I laughed at the action on screen? It was a great gift… It has made a great difference in our "date night" at the movies. Whereas my husband could never enjoy any action or mystery film, he now LOVES them! I was totally grossed out at Hollow Man, but he really got into it in typical "guy" fashion, which he had never done before. He never understood before how exciting the action could be. Now we just have to get MORE DVS into the theatres!!
P.R. (via e-mail)

Phyllis and I went to see the movie "Pearl Harbor" this weekend. It was prepared with DVS. It is so very nice to be included, just like any other valued member of society. This is an aspect of the DVS debate which does not, in my opinion, receive nearly enough recognition. That is, the feelings generated by inclusive actions.
This was a first-run movie. In fact, this was its debut weekend. And, somebody, somewhere knew that someone like me was going to go to see it. And, made it possible for me to enjoy it. They built it for me. I belonged in the movie theater along with everybody else. I was included. Put a price tag on that.
Posted on a consumer listserv

The other night our family went out to see The Wedding Planner. We trooped across to the Sherman Oaks General Cinema because the film was available in DVS. The youngest of my two daughters, Kyra, has been blind since birth. I am pleased to tell you that the DVS system greatly enhanced the movie going experience for my daughter and our whole family. I did not have to lean over and describe the visual events on the screen. She sat happily eating her popcorn and taking in the details of the story she might have otherwise missed. We are very grateful for the efforts producers make to see that their films are available to the blind and deaf communities… Now we look forward to our next family outing to watch a DVS film on the big screen.
R.S., Santa Monica, CA

I really liked The Wedding Planner. I really like moovees that have DVS.
Kyra, age 7, Santa Monica, CA

My wife and I saw the movie The Patriot at our local theater in Sherman Oaks. We had a fabulous time. The earphones were just great. I understand that DVS will open a Hollywood Office. Please let us know how we can help."
R.A., Chatsworth, CA

Thank you for sending me info about closed captioned and audio described movies. I noticed that there are a few, and only a few, new theaters now showing this type of movies. What can I do to get the ball rolling in my own city/community? I am a blind person and love going to movies and dream about how wonderful it must be to sit and listen to a audio described version while not bothering anyone around me with a friend whispering to me what is happening on the screen. I applaud you for your work.
K.R., Minneapolis, MN

I had the pleasure as coordinator of the local Radio Reading Service for the blind out of Framingham State College of participating in the Media Day on January 15th and sharing the experience of seeing the movie Titanic. I am totally blind myself and admittedly not much of a movie buff and was not looking forward to this movie because for one thing it was three and a half hours long. Well, time escaped me during the movie and I found myself even listening to the credits. Something I understand most sighted people take for granted. There's a whole group of patrons out there eager to go to movies and share in the day to day discussions with our sighted peers. Thanks again.
D.P., Framingham, MA.

Thank you for making Titanic accessible for people who are blind. It was the most exciting movie experience I have ever had. I have seen the movie twice, which is no record, but for me it is virtually unheard of.
K.C., Watertown, MA

This is a huge breakthrough for me. I was able to experience the movie in its full depth. Now [my wife] and I can go together, and she won't feel the burden of having to explain what's happening -- she can have her own experience. It's marvelous!"
D.M., Sherman Oaks, CA

I never thought I'd live to see the day where I could pay money to see the same movie everyone else is seeing. I'm just so exited to think it might snowball into something where I could go to a movie anywhere."
K.G., Watertown, MA

The descriptions were absolutely amazing! They were intricate and vivid, they kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you so much. Hope there will be more.
L.R., Encino, CA

I, for the first time in many years, was able to enjoy a first run movie without my wife whispering in my ear throughout the entire movie; destroying the experience for herself as well as me. I was absolutely giddy with delight over Zorro!
B.L. (via e-mail)

It's very impressive. The descriptions flow beautifully and there's no overlap with the dialogue. It's blended so well.
B.G., Watertown, MA

The description was absolutely perfect. You could practically feel yourself right there. After seeing Special Effects with description, I was able to discuss it confidently with my wife and other people at work.
R.D., Newton, MA

I thought that the writers did a very nice job at picking specific words and descriptions for the action and setting of the movie. It seemed as though the writers were actually there when it was all taking place!
L.B., Belmont, MA

With this system, I got everything and had the same rich experience as anyone else. This means independence for me.
M.K., Chicago, IL

That's what I've been waiting for! At last, I'm rooting for this state-of-the-art idea!! Keep it up!
R.M., Riverside, CA

On May 6, 1999, I viewed my second DVS movie Entrapment at General Cinema, Sherman Oaks, CA. Your efforts are perfection, I believe even my german shepherd Rugby was happy… Prior to becoming blind from a gun shot I was a TV Art Director and enjoyed the description. Point of note, I also took sighted friends and they both had the headsets on; they used them for the complete movie and express their thanks to you all.
S.E. (via e-mail)

Last month I had the privilege of attending the audio-described movie, Titanic. It was an incredible experience! The audio description in Titanic was outstanding and totally eliminated the need for my sighted companion's explanations. Thank you so much.
P.C., Watertown, MA

I had an opportunity to attend the described showings of The Jackal and Titanic at the General Cinema Theater in Sherman Oaks. This was the dawning of a new age not dissimilar to the Courts declaring segregation illegal for public accommodations such as movie theaters. With the description system used at the General Cinemas, I can fully enjoy the movie without worrying about disturbing other movie goers.
C.N., W Covina, CA

The DVS of Titanic opened up a whole new world for me. I was able to understand the scenes without having to strain my eyes to see the screen. It would be wonderful if more movie theaters would incorporate DVS videos.
P.J., Lowell, MA

It was well done in describing the movie and important details in which we would have missed because of our blindness.
B.A., Lowell, MA

Not only does DVS add immeasurable to my enjoyment and understanding of the story, it allows my companion to relax and enjoy the movie without having to describe the visual parts of it to me. Also, people nearby in the theater, who might be annoyed by our talk, however quiet, are spared the irritation.
B.H., Lowell, MA

For the first time in my life, I had access to a movie's credits, which were read following the end of the movie. I congratulate General Cinema's Theatres for being the pioneer in making first-run movies accessible with video description to blind and visually impaired customers. Thank you for making this entertainment available and more enjoyable for blind and visually impaired individuals."
J.D., Braintree, MA

This is a great system. Keep it going!!
A.W., Marina Del Ray, CA