CaptionKeeper Benefits

  • Repurpose existing captions for the Web with no additional costs
  • Meet Federal requirements (Section 508, 1194.24c)
  • Assist computer users in environments where audio is difficult to hear, or not desirable to be heard
  • Provide searchable metadata

User Scenario #1: Repurposing captioned television content

A large television broadcaster has been captioning content for deaf and hard-of-hearing television viewers for years. Now some of the programming is being offered on a companion Web site and a need exists for this progamming to be captioned as well.

With CaptionKeeper, the existing captions can be captured and included with the content on the Web site automatically. The broadcaster is now able to provide access to the audio via captions on the broadcast and on the Web at no additional cost. Like with television, captions on the Web will benefit a larger audience, including users who are accessing the content in a quiet office atmosphere, or any location where it would be difficult to hear the program audio. Additionally, the captions on the Web can be used as metadata for searching the content.

User Scenario #2: Digitizing captioned archived materials

A national library is about to begin digitizing its full library of media content. Some of the content has been previously captioned - but without a tool like CaptionKeeper, this data will be lost in the conversion process. By adding CaptionKeeper into the digitization process, the library can choose to create up to three different caption files that will be archived with the digitized content. If the organization is using a content management system, the caption information can be added to the system. The captions create additional metadata for search and retrieval purposes.

We've teamed with Adobe to develop the Adobe Acrobat Connect Meeting Captioning Extension, a secure, flexible Web communication system that allows you to offer live, professionally created closed captions for meetings and events delivered via Acrobat Connect. Use of our meeting extension gives you two choices for captioning your live events:

  1. We provide a connection and a stenographer to seamlessly caption your event and provide a transcript of the event.
  2. If you are a stenographer or have already contracted with a stenographer, we can connect you to the event through our server for a small hosting charge.

For more information or to request a quote, call (617) 300-3600 or visit The Media Access Group at WGBH.

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